PhysicsQuest: Spectra’s Current Crisis

The Terminal Twins

PhysicsQuest: Spectra's Current Crisis has shipped — enjoy your kits!

With Miss Alignment in jail, Lucy’s friends assume things have gone back to normal, but they would be wrong. Taking advantage of the now-abandoned Con Cave and a trusting town are twins Andy and Cat Terminal. They aren’t your ordinary shysters, though — they have sub-atomic superpowers! Your students can help Spectra and her crew stop to the Terminal Twins from negatively affecting the town. As students help Spectra defeat the Twins, they will learn about current, circuits, motors, and colors. This is a kit you positively can’t resist!

All of this year’s free kits have already been claimed and shipped. If you didn't receive one, you can download the teacher's manual here for free and use it to construct your own! Physical copies of Spectra 8: Spectra’s Current Crisis can be ordered from the APS store. If you’d like to download past manuals or comics and create your own kits, that can be done on the About PhysicsQuest page.