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PhysicsQuest, a free competition for 6-9th grade students and after school groups, consisting of four science experiments that give students clues to solve a mystery. Classes can submit their answers online and be entered in a random drawing for prizes. PhysicsQuest kits are free to registered classrooms and groups. 

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Wheels and Whirlwinds: the Coriolis Effect

Learn how this mysterious force works with a trip to the playground!


Solid as a Rock?

Rocks may seem solid, but there's more to them than meets the eye.

tennis I have a question about a tennis racquet: when I hold the racquet like a frying pan (plane of the head horizontal) and give it one flip, it changes from smooth up to rough up (or vice versa). When I flip it with the plane of the head vertical, nothing peculiar happens. In both cases, I try not to impart any rotation about the long axis. - GF, Shawnee, Kansas
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