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Ask & Experiment has experiments for you to try at home, activity books to download, PhysicsQuest resources for your school or after school group, and a way you can get your physics questions answered by real physicists.


PhysicsQuest, a free competition for 6-9th grade students and after school groups, consisting of four science experiments that give students clues to solve a mystery. Classes can submit their answers online and be entered in a random drawing for prizes. PhysicsQuest kits are free to registered classrooms and groups. 

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Physics in the Toy Room: Toppling Towers

Most of us played with blocks during our childhood and could hold our own at tower-building, or at least tower-toppling. Even adults get into the game Jenga® – a game where players try to add to the height of a tower without making it fall. But, have you ever really paid attention to how towers fall?


Physics in the Sink: Dancing Water

The kitchen sink is a good place to wash dishes, rinse out empty soup cans and soak crusty bowls, but it’s also a great place to investigate one of the coolest forces of nature – electrostatics.

universe How was the universe created if physics states matter can neither be created nor destroyed?
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